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You may process your own Rental Application

You may choose to have VSG process your application $49

using Vista Unique Scoring Matrix System

Combines Scores from


Resident History


Your professional recommendation will be emailed to you within 8 hrs during business hours.


Housekeeping Check with Photos – + $49.00

The housekeeping check is a very powerful and valuable last hoop before approval. The “Housekeeping” check has been an integral part of our application process because it is your “crystal ball” to see into the future of what your rental unit will look like and how it will be taken care of by this prospective tenant.

Most local applicants can have the “housekeeping’ check; however, out of town applicants and those living in apartment communities may have more difficulty in performing a proper “housekeeping’ check.

Only after qualifying, Your Vista Service Group Representative will stop by the applicant’s residence without any prior notice to verify the applicant actually resides at the address and to see how your applicant takes care of the home or apartment they occupy.

Exterior photos shall be provided, and with applicant’s permission, sometimes interior photos are included as well.

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