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VISTA Service Group Menu of Services with Pricing

 Tenant Finder Service™

Let VISTA market your rental, show it, answer all phone calls, process all rental applications reporting to you a professional recommendation of thumbs up, down, or compensating factors. In addition, VISTA’s Tenant Finder Service has a list of pre-approved applicants anxiously awaiting the opportunity to rent a home just like your rental property! You Pay NOTHING up front. There are additional services you can add on such as handling all of the lease paper signing and collecting initials monies and security deposit.

Only 50%
of 1st Month Rent


Sign All Lease Papers
& New Tenant Orientation
An Add-On Service for Vista’s Tenant Finder Service. Vista can process, handle, train, collect all monies, and issue keys to your new tenant. This 60 minute session with your new tenant will cover new tenant orientation and training using the powerful Rent Talk DVD system and includes photographing each person signing on your rental agreement. Upon completion, Vista will scan all of your documents and will mail the originals to you, along with your monies.

Move In & Signing Docs
Only $99


 Rental Application Processing

Vista will process your pending rental application. Most are processed within 2 hours during business hours. You will receive a professional recommendation of approved, not approved and why not, and/or compensating factors to help applicant qualify such as co-signers, rent paid in advance, etc.

Only $49
Move In Inspection
with Photos and Video

One of Vista’s Professionally trained service experts will conduct your move in inspection using Vista’s 159 point Rent Ready Checklist noting items in need of repair or attention.

This can also be used in preparation for the Section 8 program to help ensure your initial inspection is trouble free.

Vista’s trained staff will take all exterior photos and interior photos which will be used for your move in inspection process, marketing, and more for your records.

NOTE: you will have a very difficult, if not impossible, challenge to recoup property damages when you can not accurately prove the condition of your rental when your tenant moves in.

VIDEO: Exterior and Interior walk thru video can be added on this service and will be inserted on website and YouTube.

Only $99
Move-In Photos


Video add $49

 Routine Inspection
with Photos
 Scheduled appointment with occupied rental units to ensure compliance with Landlord Tenant Law. Vista trained staffer will inspect and take photos of exterior, front yard, and rear yard. Inspection services includes interior inspection with photos and details compiled in Inspection summary report.  $99
File Eviction & Process
(forcible detainer action)

For non-payment of rent, Vista’s Legal Team can handle your entire eviction process for you. This includes processing the proper forms and notices, filing the forcible detainer action (eviction) in court, appearing in court, filing for the warrant for possession, working with the Deputy Sheriffs to schedule your “set out” if needed. This does NOT include the labor or manpower for the physical set out where the Sheriff Deputies execute the court order  “warrant for possession.”


Set Out

Vista’s “SET OUT SQUAD” will meet the Sheriff Deputies at your rental unit at the time the Sheriff Deputies schedule the set out to occur. Vista’s experienced “Set Out Squad” ensures all of the requirements of the Sheriff Deputies to properly execute your court order “Warrant for Possession.”

All personal property, debris, and trash shall be removed from the interior of the dwelling and shall be placed at curbside and shall not be touched by landlord for 48 hours as required in Kentucky’s Landlord Tenant Law. 

NOTE: Personal property, trash, and debris piled at curbside is a violation of City of Louisville ordinances; however, Landlord Tenant Law requires the items removed from the dwelling must sit curbside for 48 hours. In the past, this has caused issues with city code enforcement officers who do not understand, nor care, about the landlord tenant law. Recently, code enforcement officers have returned to your rental unit on the 3rd day (72 hours) and have cited property owners if the personal property, trash, and debris are still piled at curbside.

Set Out Squad
5 man team for 2 hours

Only $299

most are completed in less than 2 hours

each additional 30 minutes are $79 each

 Move Out Process,
& Inspection with Photos

Vista will co-ordinate scheduling your “Move Out Inspection” with your resident and Vista’s Professionally trained staff. Most of the time, your tenant will attend the scheduled Move Out Inspection and is given the opportunity to comment on the results of the Move Out Inspection. (occasionally a resident will not show up for their schedule Move Out Inspection appointment)

Photos are taken, both exterior and interior, and a detailed summary report is prepared for you.

NOTE: Most of Vista’s Tenant Turnovers are returned to Vista is almost rent ready condition. This will save you thousands on tenant turnover costs. HOW does Vista achieve these results? With their proven and professional system of dealing with your tenant who is moving out of your rental property.

 Inspection & Photos

Only $249


Prepare detailed 159 pt Rent Ready To Do Punch & Material List
(2 hr process to do properly)

+ $149

 Lawn Service

One Hit Wonder – One Cut Lawn Service – on normal sized yard already maintained.

Properties with very large yards and/or unkept lawn will be charged more.

Meet Section 8 Inspector for Move In Inspection 

Should you decide to participate in the Section 8 subsidized housing program, your rental unit must meet and pass HUD Section 8 Housing Quality Standards BEFORE your tenant moves and before you can start collecting rent.

Vista’s professionally train staff person will meet your Section 8 Inspection on-site at your rental unit at the scheduled time. 

You will be verbally notified if your rental unit passed or failed. If failed, you will be given items that failed their HQS.

$85 Trip Charge
includes 1 hr labor 

Repairs/Maintenance Request

Rental Properties Only
no owner occupant properties





Members can simply complete the online fill-in-the-blank for repair or maintenance request. Vista Service Technicians are EPA Certified. Vista uses only licensed trade professionals for all mechanicals. These services will be charged with Service Call, Labor, and Material.

VISTA Service Technicians have great relationships with Metro Louisville’s IPL Code Enforcement Officers

     a.) photograph exterior front/rear of your rental property
     b.) photograph item before/after repair
     c.) Vista becomes your eyes and ears for violations
     d.) complete service/work requested
     e.) checks Air Filter and takes photo
     f.) checks Smoke Alarm and takes photo
     e.) documents all Tenant Charge-ables
     f.) Tenant signs Work Order form detailing all of the above.
     g.) Once completed, a “Click & Pay e-Invoice” will be emailed to you along with photos.

Licensed Trades such as HVAC, Plumbing, and Electricians have been trained to document any observed or discovered issues involving tenancy and or repair/service requested. At this time, ALL licensed trades do a fantastic job of noting all tenant chargeable items on their paperwork; however,Vista can not guarantee all licensed trades will take photos. We are working very hard on this. (some have trouble using the camera feature on their cell phone)


Service Calls 

$85 Trip Charge
includes 1st hr labor
+ material

Cost + 15%

Property Management


Full Service Property Management.
Monthly settlement with annual reports at tax time.

PLEASE NOTE: Both Rental property and owner must qualify.

of Monthly Rent

($100 minimum)


 Training & Education  Only $24.95

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