KISS METHOD Keep It Simple

Use Your Cell Phone

Do Not – 8 million pixel setting

Use the Lowest Pixel Setting


Assuming You Like Your Mother who is living on the other side of the country, and you want her to move into this home in your hometown, imagine how you would take photos, great photos, just like glamour shots to make it look awesome.

Make sure the lawn is professionally manicured.

Remove the vietnam jungles growing in the gutters

No junk, debris, garbage cans or work trucks in the background.

Turn on all of the lights.

CLOSE The Toilet Lids!

Hold your camera above your head for interior photos.

EXTERIOR take 4 photos from the corner of your property and be sure to capture the fence rows.

Don’t forget basements, attics, garages, sheds, etc because you are also taking your “Move In Photos” at the same time. In today’s world, if you do not have photos to prove the condition of your rental when they moved in, you are probably gonna lose in court.

STREET VIEW: take a video standing in your front yard and turn s-l-o-w-l-y, about 45 seconds in a CLOCKWISE rotation, 360 degrees to capture the front and street view of your rental. Repeat the same for the rear yard.

VIDEOS: Upload your Video to YOUTUBE and we can insert it on your Tenant Finder Home Page.


Please name your photos in this format

etc.     etc.    etc



13517 Kinross




















 Videos would be inserted here


Welcome To Vista Service Group

Welcome to Vista Service Group


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Member Benefits

in addition to Member Only Services:

  • FREE Vista Service Group Membership Card (priceless)
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    • Gives You Peace of Mind
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  • FREE “Landlord On Vacation” Service ($100 Value)
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    • 1 Calendar Week Service Per Year, Up to 10 Units
  • FREE Access To Online Rental Application ($50 Value)
    • Members may use the fill in the blank online application
  • Landlord Training
  • Tenant Finder Service™ Set Up Fee Waived ($85 Value)
  • Member Access to VistaServiceGroup.com
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  • Discounts on LIVE Training Events
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What Happens After I Sign Up?

  1. You will get an email to verify your email address.
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Work Orders & Service Calls

Vista Service Group Field Services offers Work Orders and Service Calls for your rental property.

New Members are required to pre-pay $85 visit charge for each Work Order or Service Call Request.

In order to provide members with most efficient value along with paying all of our Vista Service Group providers without delay, this pre-pay policy has been established and is proven to greatly reduce the added labor costs of staffing an Accounts Receivable Department.

These savings are passed on to you along with a tad bit of prevention of minimizing cash flow shortfalls with any delinquent accounts.

Vista Service Group Rates have been established by blending the administrative, insurance, certifications, continuing education, equipment, and labor expenses into a flat fee rate.

Tradesmen Services $34 per man hour

Licensed Technicians $55

Some Items may require a job quote for your approval.

Move Out Inspection Services

Vista Service Group’s Move Out Inspection Services provides complete A to Z documentation of the entire Move Out Process.


Standard Move Out Inspection Service $149

includes on site, appointment up to 60 minutes

  • 149 point Move Out Inspection Checklist
  • Exterior and Interior Photos
  • Move Out Summary Report
  • Move Out Itemized Report for you


DELUXE Move Out Inspection Service $249

includes Standard package plus

    • Tenant Move Out Package
    • Mailed to Tenant 3 key dates prior to scheduled move out date

Rental Application Services for Members

Rental Application Services


Members get access to Online Rental Application for FREE

You may process your own Rental Application

You may choose to have VSG process your application $49

using Vista Unique Scoring Matrix System

Combines Scores from


Resident History


Your professional recommendation will be emailed to you within 8 hrs during business hours.


Housekeeping Check with Photos – + $49.00

The housekeeping check is a very powerful and valuable last hoop before approval. The “Housekeeping” check has been an integral part of our application process because it is your “crystal ball” to see into the future of what your rental unit will look like and how it will be taken care of by this prospective tenant.

Most local applicants can have the “housekeeping’ check; however, out of town applicants and those living in apartment communities may have more difficulty in performing a proper “housekeeping’ check.

Only after qualifying, Your Vista Service Group Representative will stop by the applicant’s residence without any prior notice to verify the applicant actually resides at the address and to see how your applicant takes care of the home or apartment they occupy.

Exterior photos shall be provided, and with applicant’s permission, sometimes interior photos are included as well.

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Vista Service Group!


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