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Frequently Asked Questions


The Key Sign Out Program – What If Someone Trashes My Unit?

Many veteran and experienced landlords are scared to death about this program. Keep in mind, prospective applicants/tenants must stop by our office, sign the Key Sign Out Form completely and produce a valid photo ID. Their photo ID is copied and enlarged.

Since implementing this program on our own properties over 10 years ago and after having done perhaps a thousand or two of these, we have had only one problem which was a fellow who appeared normal but had a mental problem. He thought he was signing a rental agreement and he moved in. (everything he owned fit in the back seat of his car.) The next person who signed out a key reported to our office that someone had moved in. Long story short, we called the alternate phone number he listed on his key sign out form and called his mom. Mom explained the situation. With one visit to the rental, this fellow was gently informed he did not sign a rental agreement and he politely moved out. No problem.

Please keep in mind this Key Sign Out Program has three big benefits for you. The first is it sort of “pre-screens” or qualifies your prospective applicant. They must be pretty darn serious to travel to our office to get a key. Your second benefit is the form itself with their ID. All of their information and identification is captured by our office. Knowing our office has all of the information pretty much removes any thought of damaging your rental. The third huge benefit is powerful. When your prospective applicant completes the Key Sign Out Form, they actually are honest when they fill in the blanks, especially on the current address field. Low and behold, many times more than not, they will list a different current address when completing a rental application….   this stuff is proven and it works!


Will I Have Final Decision On An Approved Application?

Absolutely! Yes, you get the final say-so providing all is in compliance with Federal and State Fair Housing Laws.


Why Can’t I Use My Own Yard Sign?

because KREC (Kentucky Real Estate Commission) says so, it is state law. This also includes flyers and brochures.


How Can I Get One of Vista’s Yard Signs?

simply stop by office, Vista Properties, Inc. at 4012 Dupont Circle, Suite 203, Louisville, KY 40207 (across street from Suburban Hospital behind Korrect Opticle)


Do You Pay Referral Fees?

Yes, you get $100 discount on your next Tenant Finder Home for each referral AFTER their vacant is rented.


Can I Still Advertise My Rental On Craig’s List and Other Websites?

unfortunately, because of Kentucky’s Real Estate Commission regulations and state law, you can not place your own ads. It sounds a little goofy, but from the real estate agent perspective, you have hired them (us) to do the service for you.


What If I Find My Own New Tenant?

First of all, please refer any leads you get to our office via email or call “Jiru” (Jee-Doe) and give her your lead information. We will take care of it for you from there. This is what Tenant Finder Service does for you.


The 159 point Rent Ready Certification Inspection.. How does it work?

great question!  Vista’s professionally trained staff will conduct the inspection for two reasons:  1.) for your benefit in reporting to you anything in need of repair and 2.) to ensure your rental unit meets Vista’s quality standards to avoid placing dumps and slumlord properties on our website


What about Section 8?

Vista’s Tenant Finder Service can handle everything involved with HUD’s Section 8 program, including Vista’s 8 page Section 8 additional provisions and meeting the inspector for your HQS inspection.


Do You Offer Lawn Care?

Yes, professionally manicured lawn service is available for your vacant rental


Can I Use My Own Rental Application?

In order to get you the “bestest” and “fastest” results, our professionally trained staff know exactly what to do using all of our custom in house forms including Vista’s Simple 1 Page Rental Application. It makes for a very efficient and effective process giving you the maximum benefit.


Can I Use My Own Lease or Rental Agreement?

Yes, but… you must submit your rental agreement or lease for review to ensure compliance with all rules, regulations, and laws involving Landlord Tenant Law. Once approved, we will keep your rental agreement on file to use on your future Tenant Finder Service Homes.

Should your rental agreement or lease fall short, you can use Vista’s Rental Agreement. FYI, all Tenant Finder Service owners are using Vista’s Rental Agreement.


What about additional services for landlords, property managers, and investors?

Vista Service Group offers a menu of services. You get to choose whatever you want, when you want it. Here is a short sample of some of the services offered:

Field Services: Handy Man & Licensed Trades Service for repairs, maintenance, inspections

– Move In Inspection and process

– Section 8 pre-inspections

– Move Out Process including Move Out Inspection

– Rental Application Processing

– EVICTIONS: handle the entire process from A to Z including Set Out with Sheriff Deputies

– LAWN SERVICE: “One Hit Wonder” to seasonal service

– Landlord On Vacation Service

– Collections: Done for You

– RESOURCES for Landlords: Yard Signs, Business Cards, Training, and Forms


Can I request or does your company request for the prospective tenant to pay the deposit and 1st month’s rent with certified check or money order?
Absolutely! One more thing, please keep in mind your property MUST qualify. Vista does NOT accept every owner and every property. Some Tenant Finder Service submissions have not been approved due to property conditions or rental owner bad practices. I hope this helps you understand the Tenant Finder Service a little better.
Can I and/or my Staff get training on Fair Housing and property management?
Glad to you asked! Yes, you and your staff can get training on every aspect and detail involving property management and landlording
Can I Get Access to Your List of Recommended Resources for Investors and Landlords?
Here is a short list of recommended resources. You can also click on the resources page
– Yard Signs, Banners, and Pointer Signs
– Double Sided THICK color Business Cards like Eric’s below – 1,000 for $39.95 includes Shipping!

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