Frequently Asked Questions


Your Rental Unit MUST Qualify and Meet Vista’s RENT READY Standards

In order to protect you and Vista’s 5 star rental property reputation, Your Rental MUST meet our “RENT READY” quality standards. 

This protects you from having your polished rental thrown in with a bunch of ugly, not rent ready units.

If the exterior is in good shape with good curb appeal, we may market and promote your rental with an “expected ready date.” This is highly recommended because responsible folks begin their search weeks in advance of their anticipated move-in date.

Most of the time, you will get an applicant requesting to be “pre-approved” for your rental BEFORE they can view the interior of your rental.

The same would apply for tenant occupied homes. If the yard is ugly now, we will NOT put it on our website.

An example of a bad experience involved a seasoned veteran investor. He signed up for the TenantFinderService and we put it up on our website. Folks drove by and screamed at our office staff reporting the house is boarded up. When the investor was asked about this, his reply was “Get Me A Good Tenant First, Then I Will Get It Fixed Up.”    This will not work.

Please make sure your rental is truly “Rent Ready.”


PHOTOS are Very Important!

especially the First Photo prospects will see on our website.

PHOTOS must be great because 90% or more responsible folks looking to rent rely on these photos. It gives them a “perception” about you, the owner, landlord, and property manager.

Photos are like putting the final touches of makeup and lipstick before going out on a date.

let me show you. Ask yourself which ones below would be worth checking out for your MOM